Hygiene Requirement For Ventilation And Air-Conditioning

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This Guidebook is intended to provide a holistic formulation of hygiene-related constructional, echnical and organisational requirements to be observed in the planning, manufacture, execution, operation and maintenance of ventilating and air-conditioning systems. These requirements for ventilating and air-conditioning systems primarily serve to protect human health; they may, however, also be the consequence of technical conditions.

The guidebook complements the REHVA guidebook no 8 Cleanliness of ventilation systems, published at the same time. The guidebook is based on VDI Guideline 6022, one of the most popular Guidelines published by VDI. Since 1998, more than 10.000 copies of VDI Guidebooks have been printed and thousands of people went to the training described in the guidebook. As the result the hygiene standard in air-conditioning systems today is much better than 10 years ago. REHVA´s Swiss member SWKI accepted the VDI 6022
Guideline as SWKI-2003-5, in 2003. The REHVA working group revised and updated the German Guidebook with some new ideas
and procedures.




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