Cleanliness Of Ventilation Systems

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A growing body of evidence shows that indoor environmental conditions substantially influence ealth and productivity. Ventilation is an important contribution to air quality. Its purpose is to maintain good indoor air quality. But air handling systems may also be a source of pollution if not properly constructed and maintained.

This guidebook presents criteria and methods on how to design, install and maintain clean air handling systems for better indoor air quality. The ventilation system should be cleaned according to a cleaning plan. The plan consists of a selection of methods suitable for the different components and surface materials. The methods should be selected so as to avoid damage to surfaces and components being cleaned.

The guidebook is useful for practitioners who like to follow the recent international practices. With its illustrations and examples it is also an
excellent text book for the vocational training of
various building professionals.

The guidebook offers a wide approach to the factors affecting indoor air quality and is aiming to conform to the European standards of HVAC system maintenance.




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